Specialty Products

For versatility, durability, and reliability, LORON’s push pull is undoubtedly the best choice. This is the product LORON began making in 1990, and we’ve created the most dynamic, efficient, and long-lasting product on the market. 

Customer-First Approach

Our customer-first approach means you can trust LORON to design and build the exact product you need— even if it's never been used before.

Specialty Products

Some specialty products we've worked on in the past include invertapushes, push bin loaders, integral side shifters, folding fork clamps, load stabilizers, and fixed frame drum carriers, among many others.

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Arm Bar Clamp

Push Barrel Handler

Digital Clamp Force Gauge

Gaylord Clamp

Hang-on Clamp Force Gauge


Load Inverter

Rolling Frame Clamp Force Gauge


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