Soft Touch Clamps

LORON’s soft touch clamps take many clamp force decisions away from the lift truck operator so that correct clamp forces will handle every load with minimal clamp force, reducing product damage. Using it is simple: line up the pad’s leading edge with the back of the clamped load, level the attachment, and clamp the load. Continue to clamp for two seconds, and the load is ready for transport.

The patented bladder system allows for minimal clamp force while significantly improving its distribution over the surface of the load. The bladder system’s free-floating pad assembly achieves the lowest clamp force at the leading edge (tip) and bottom of the pad, while total clamp force is reached when the pads are fully engaged with the load.


Clamp forces automatically adjust proportionally to the height of the load.

Clamp forces automatically adjust when the pads are partially engaged with the load, such as when clamping with the tip of the pads to remove a carton from a tight trailer.

Clamp forces automatically reduce when handling fragile cartons— the attachment handles stiffer cartons with higher clamp forces and softer cartons with lower clamp forces.

There is minimal clamp force change at various opening positions. The clamp force does not drop significantly at wide opening ranges.

The full-floating pad distributes clamp force evenly.

Thin profile arm design allows knifing between loads and trailer walls, and the semi-rigid pad design reduces hang-ups against the trailer walls.

Clamp opening and closing speeds are consistent for all loads.

Adjustable open force and side shift control help prevent damage when backhanding loads.

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