Folding Fork Clamp

LORON’s folding fork carton clamp is a durable solution for warehouses responsible for various types of loads. The folding arms retract and reopen easily to manage loads of multiple sizes and efficiently navigate tight spaces.


Heavy-duty design uses high-strength steel in the base, slide arms, and pad supports.

Self-aligning cylinder end bearings.

The valve assembly includes pressure relief and a flow divider for equal arm movement.

Thin profile articulating arms allow easy knifing between loads, giving the driver greater control and the ability to break out clumsy stacks.

Full-length nylon bushings require no lubrication and are reversible for extended life.

Quick disconnect lower hooks are standard.

Only two hydraulic functions are required to operate this three-function attachment— the fork sequence in the up position when the clamp is fully closed, and the fork sequence in the down position when the clamp is fully opened.

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