LORON clamps are made with all-welded frames and self-aligning cylinder end bearings. The full-length nylon bushings require no lubrication and are reversible for extended life.

LORON’s soft touch clamps reduce product damage by taking many clamp force decisions away from the lift truck operator to deploy the correct clamp forces— no matter the load.

Soft Touch Clamps

LORON's Soft Touch Clamps intelligently adjust clamp forces, ensuring minimal product damage and optimized handling. Their patented bladder system enhances load distribution, making them a staple for precise material handling.

Carton Clamps

Engineered for resilience and precision, LORON's Carton Clamps handle unitized loads effortlessly. Their robust design maintains driver visibility and ensures seamless operation in demanding environments.

Fork Clamps

The versatile Fork Clamps from LORON double as both clamp and fork positioner. Designed for durability, they minimize product damage while offering unparalleled performance in material handling.

Folding Fork Clamp

LORON's Folding Fork Clamps are the ultimate solution for handling diverse load sizes. With retractable arms, they excel in tight spaces, highlighting their adaptability and efficiency in warehouse operations.

Bale Clamps

Ideal for transporting baled goods without pallets, LORON's Bale Clamps are indispensable for high-volume, damage-free handling. Their heavy-duty construction ensures longevity and reliability.

Foam Clamps

LORON's Foam Clamps are specifically designed to handle delicate loads with care. Their innovative design guarantees safety and efficiency, making them perfect for sensitive material handling tasks.

General Purpose Clamps

The General Purpose Clamps from LORON feature a reverse arm-to-frame design for increased strength and minimal arm deflection. Ideal for a variety of applications, they ensure durability and enhanced control.

Tipping Clamp

Tailored for versatility, LORON's Tipping Clamps provide efficient handling and maneuverability for loads requiring tipping actions. Their robust construction ensures reliability in dynamic operating conditions.

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