Push Pull

For versatility, durability, and reliability, LORON’s push pull is undoubtedly the best choice. This is the product LORON began making in 1990, and we’ve created the most dynamic, efficient, and long-lasting product on the market. 


Heavy-duty design uses high-strength A514 steel in the linkage, platens, and jaw.

Pin-type platens use precision bushings to maintain tip alignment and provide easy platen adjustment.

Tall gripper bar eliminates openings that can catch bags. The urethane gripper pad is easily replaced, making this a cost-efficient and long-lasting product.

The push pull is designed for maximum visibility, especially through the jaw.

LORON'S exclusive quick disconnect lower hooks automatically adjust for initial fit and wear.

The push cylinders are designed for maximum speed and are cushioned at both ends for smooth starts and stops.

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